Who We Serve

EnergySherlock™ helps a wide range of customers seeking to become more profitable through energy conservation, data analytics, and technology. There are many reasons our clients choose to work with us:

  • To lower operational costs by becoming more energy efficient
  • To improve the environment by “going green”
  • To provide energy use data and compliance reports to the government or to their corporation
  • To rapidly prototype mobile applications to track people, objects, and activities globally.
  • To monitor building performance nationwide to find equipment problems, change thermostat settings and provide warranty replacements.

EnergySherlock™ clients represent a wide range of industries including hospitality, healthcare, corporate, education, government, manufacturing, and nonprofits. Some of the types of businesses that have benefitted from our services include:

  • Restaurant/Retail franchise owners with multiple locations
  • Property lessees with a ten-year lease or greater
  • Hospitality – Hotel, Country Club
  • Data Centers
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Public and Private Education Facilities – K-12, University
  • Local, State, Federal Government
  • Manufacturing plants and climate-controlled warehouses