EnergySherlock™ offers a comprehensive suite of energy and technology-related products and services to customers looking for an independent, trusted expert on what energy strategies and tactics are best for their situation. We understand the challenges facing companies that operate multiple sites that have unique building and system characteristics. Through years of extensive research to find best-in-class technologies and strategies, as well as conducting technology test pilots to prove our manufacturer claims, our team confidently recommends solutions that are in the best interest of our clients…we work for your team. EnergySherlock™ provides the best solutions because we can work with any manufacturer, any contractor, and any supplier (no conflicts of interest) that offers the best solution to meet your specific requirements.

EnergySherlock™ clients are provided the economic impact of several recommendations so that they can make informed decisions and select a course of action they know will work. Even after a solution is implemented, EnergySherlock™ provides post-installation services to make sure your investment achieves the expected financial results.

  • Thermal Optimization Services
  • Project Development of Sustainability Plans
  • Project Management of Sustainability Plans
  • Energy Audits, LEED Energy Modeling
  • Solar/Wind Distributed Generation
  • Building Performance Monitoring Center


Other Technologies

EnergySherlock™ does extensive due diligence and research on new products and services so that our clients get best-in-class solutions and world-class results. Whether it is Internet Of Thing (IoT) devices, nanotechnology, renewable energy, or software/mobile applications, we do the “homework” for your team to get the answers you need.