National Quick Serve Restaurant Case Study


Company SizeMore than 150 locations in multiple states
Annual Energy Spend$9M+ to operate stores
Average Utility Spend$60k+ per store
Average Store Size2,700 square feet
Operating Hours16+ hours every day year-round
Age of BuildingsVaries (new – 30+ years)


Identify and implement opportunities to reduce energy consumption by at least 15% per store with payback terms in 3 years or less.


EnergySherlock conducted a pilot project on 15 stores, a majority of which were above the national average for energy consumption. Implementing its full Energy Conservation Management Solution, EnergySherlock performed audits and analysis and ASHRAE Level II energy audits to identify energy inefficiencies, utility bill errors and any available financial incentives. For each location, EnergySherlock developed a custom Energy Conservation Plan (ECP) comprised of best-in-class energy saving technologies and conservation measures that would provide short payback periods. EnergySherlock managed all aspects of the project from onset through implementation and continues to provide ongoing measurement and verification to ensure energy saving goals continue to be met.


  • Actual savings: 20%+ per store (in 4 months)
  • Projected energy savings: $180,000 annually ($12,000/per store)
  • Annual kilowatts/hour saved: 1,925,000+
  • Identified $16,000 in utility billing errors
  • Secured over $40,000 in rebates and incentives