Klarify™ FAQs

What is Klarify?

Klarify is a proprietary energy conservation analytics software platform that provides 24/7 access to energy-related data and executive-level reporting through a customized, easy-to-understand dashboard.

How will Klarify help my business?

From executives to facility managers, Klarify delivers the data necessary to make informed business decisions that result in considerable monetary savings. Klarify takes a proactive approach to helping clients save money by alerting them to potential energy-related problems that would have otherwise gone unresolved.

Do I need to have additional hardware for Klarify to work?

Klarify is designed to extract data from a variety of sources, including energy management and building automation systems. If our clients currently have one of these, they shouldn’t have to purchase additional hardware. However, if you do not have the hardware necessary for 24/7 monitoring, we are equipped to help.

How does Klarify compare to other energy management systems?

The business analytics provided by Klarify far surpass those provided by the basic energy management systems on the market today. Klarify aggregates important energy use data and brings it to the attention of busy managers who can then use that data to make intelligent business decisions. Klarify delivers tangible business value to customers.