Klarify™ Analytics Software

Klarify, a data analytics software solution, aggregates all types of data from a customer’s facility and sends alerts when something is out of the norm. Designed and developed with input from expert energy engineers, facility operators, HVAC technicians and business executives, Klarify analyzes the operation of equipment systems, energy consumption and costs, and facility operations as a whole. Clients decide who in their organization can access the system and what rights should be assigned. Those with access are then able to login to a customized dashboard specifically tailored to their unique needs. Immediately, they begin to understand—through graphs, alerts and reports—which properties may or may not need attention.

For example, Klarify, will automatically find deviations from baseline energy consumption data. When these deviations are found, the client is automatically informed of the issue. With a simple mouse click, customers can view—in a clear and meaningful way—the issue, the time of occurrence, the duration, the specific sites or meters that were found to be deviating from the desired baseline and just how much it will cost every day the issue goes unresolved.

Benchmark the energy usage of all facilities with industry and company norms.

Identify malfunctioning temperature sensors, HVAC or refrigeration units immediately to minimize wasted energy.

Turn facility data into financial intelligence for improved executive level decisions.

Standardize operational controls & avoid “override” attempts at the local level.

Know how much your company is saving at each facility due to energy conservation efforts.

Environmental compliance reports and independent verification of achieving energy conservation regulations and objectives.

Independently verify safe temperatures for food integrity.