EnergySherlock™ FAQs

How do I begin the process of reducing my facility’s energy consumption?

Simply get in touch with us. We’ll do a quick walk-through of your facility and ask a few questions. In many cases, we can begin the process of evaluating property information remotely (by gathering data on utilities, energy usage, property characteristics, etc.), which makes it very easy to get started.

What if I am interested in conserving energy but don’t have the up-front capital to pay for it?

EnergySherlock™ is experienced in helping our clients find the means to pay for energy saving initiatives. In most cases, we can help out in some way. Check out our SAVE page for more information or simply give us a call at 877-988-3267.

What happens if a new technology comes out after I’ve implemented the Energy Conservation Plan?

Our team of experts stays abreast of the latest technologies in the industry. We keep our clients apprised of new developments and make recommendations that will make sense to their business and improve their bottom line.

How is EnergySherlock™ compensated?

At EnergySherlock, we structure compensation in a way that is comfortable for all parties. In the past we have used the following methods: flat management fee, percentage of savings generated, and professional fees charged for project-specific services.

Does EnergySherlock™ offer refunds?

Our services are intangible goods, some of which are digitally delivered, we therefore have a strict no refund policy. If there is a problem with one of the products or services, we will resolve the issue.