Energy Conservation Management (ECM) Solution

Our ECM program is comprehensive, contractual and includes the following:

  • Utility Bill Audits & Benchmarking
  • Energy Conservation Plan & Implementation
  • Measurement & Verification of Results
  • Greenhouse Gas & Carbon Footprint Reporting

Utility Bill Audits and Benchmarking

EnergySherlock™ collects the last 24 months of utility bills (electric, gas, and water) in order to provide the following services:

Data Development — Each property has a unique database developed that allows for utility trend analysis and benchmarking.

Data Analysis & Intelligence — Certified Energy Managers and our proprietary, Energy Star certified software platform turn raw data into building intelligence. Clients receive monthly reports for each property that include the following:

  • Utility Billing Errors — identifies duplicate bills, erroneous charges and if you are paying too much
  • Threshold Violations — alerts you if your bills increase a percentage higher over the determined threshold year over year; takes into account normalization for weather, billing days and other factors
  • Facility Outliers — identifies which facilities are out of energy use norms for the property type, location, number of employees and other factors

Energy Conservation Plan & Implementation

As part of our ECM Solution, clients receive a detailed and customized plan that includes baseline findings, recommended Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), projected implementation costs, estimated savings, breakeven points and the environmental impact of ECMs annually per facility. Our recommendations will provide the greatest return on investment from an energy and operational perspective. Once approved, EnergySherlock™ provides all project and vendor management so that our clients can remain focused on their core competencies and mission.

Measurement & Verification (M&V) of Results

M&V of energy savings, generated through building systems retrofits and upgrades, requires special project planning as well as unique engineering practices. A good M&V plan balances the savings uncertainty associated with energy improvement projects against the cost to execute the plan. EnergySherlock™ M&V reports:

  • Measure Cost Avoidance — the calculation of savings, particularly from an energy and maintenance perspective, after implementing our energy conservation plan. We confirm anticipated energy savings are on track to achieve desired investment returns
  • Review and compare past/present performance — the ability to go back in time to measure and verify results of ECMs

Greenhouse Gas & Carbon Footprint Reporting

Commercial property owners will soon be required to report their levels of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and overall carbon footprint. EnergySherlock™reports will convert the amount of energy you are saving into environmental aspects such as acres of trees saved and cars removed from the road. This data can be used by our clients to demonstrate to their customers a commitment to good corporate governance.