EnergySherlock™ offers the following energy and technology assessment services:

Energy Conservation

Thermal Optimization Analysis 
The US Department of Energy stated that 70% of all HVAC equipment in the US is operating off of its initial design efficiency. Our comprehensive program offers the most current IoT based software and forensic engineering analysis to identify all of the issues causing thermal inefficiencies. Our Thermal Optimization program has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to deliver impressive energy and operational savings.

Building Performance Analysis 
Our team performs all levels of ASHRAE energy audits, LEED energy modeling and building system operational reviews to identify all opportunities to improve building performance.

Project Development
Optimizing building performance usually involves several different strategies and technologies that work synergistically to lower operational costs while improving comfort of occupants.  Our team will analyze the financial impact of each energy conservation measure, including the impact of available incentives and financing options, as well as work with vendors and contractors to get quotes.  We provide a full picture of the project to enable clients to make fully informed decisions on how to proceed to meet their goals.

Project Financing & Management A well designed project is a significant financial commitment to undertake and it is critical to take advantage of financial incentives and to properly execute the project.  Our team is able to provide “turnkey” project management to allow clients to stay focused on their business while our team improves their operational bottom line.  

Energy Contract Analysis
The commodity price of electricity and natural gas fluctuates every minute much like stock prices. Our team will confirm if a client is paying the lowest possible rates available and negotiate better rates in all states with deregulated energy markets.