EnergySherlock™ offers a comprehensive suite of energy related products and services to mid-market companies looking for an independent, trusted expert on what energy strategies and tactics are best for their situation.We understand the challenges facing companies that operate multiple sites that have unique building and system characteristics.  Through years of extensive research to find best in class technologies and strategies, as well as conducting test pilots to prove out manufacturer claims, our team confidently recommends solutions that are in the best interest of our clients…we work for your team.  EnergySherlock provides the best solutions because we can work with any manufacturer, any contractor and any supplier (no conflicts of interest) that offers the best solution to meet your specific requirements.

EnergySherlock clients are provided the economic impact of several recommendations so that they can make informed decisions and select an energy action plan they know will work.  Even after a solution is implemented, EnergySherlock provides post installation services to make sure your investment achieves the expected financial results.

Energy Conservation Management (ECM) Solution

Whether it is reducing energy supply costs or energy use, our ECM solution provides a holistic approach to improving the energy efficiency of a property while improving profitability and environmental metrics. LEARN MORE

Klarify™ Analytics Software

Klarify provides 24/7 access to energy-related data and executive-level reporting through a customized, easy-to-understand dashboard. LEARN MORE

Energy Procurement

Working with the number one exchange platform allows us to offer our clients the most competitive, open market energy rates. For clients in deregulated states, we evaluate energy contracts in place and can improve those rates significantly, saving clients thousands of dollars a year.


EnergySherlock conducts specific exterior and interior lighting system audits to verify the cost savings and payback periods for adopting “best in class” lighting technologies. LEARN MORE


Considered a very cost effective solution, retro-commissioning — essentially giving your facility a “tune up”— ensures that key systems are operating at peak performance. This way, when other energy saving technologies are applied to those systems, they, too, will perform as intended.

Measurment and Verification

Measurement and Verification (M&V) after a strategy or technology is implemented, validates that the technology will achieve compelling financial returns within the customer’s environment. If performance targets are not achieved, EnergySherlock will help troubleshoot and resolve issues to enable the client to achieve their objective.

Other Energy Saving Technologies

EnergySherlock continues to research and offer our clients the latest energy saving technologies for building envelope, HVAC and refrigeration. We can also recommend improved, low-cost solid waste removal and electronic vehicle charging station (ECVS) solutions.