ImageEnergySherlock™ offers a comprehensive suite of energy and technology related products and services to customers looking for an independent, trusted expert on what energy strategies and tactics are best for their situation. We understand the challenges facing companies that operate multiple sites that have unique building and system characteristics. Through years of extensive research to find best in class technologies and strategies, as well as conducting technology test pilots to prove out manufacturer claims, our team confidently recommends solutions that are in the best interest of our clients…we work for your team. EnergySherlock™ provides the best solutions because we can work with any manufacturer, any contractor and any supplier (no conflicts of interest) that offers the best solution to meet your specific requirements.

EnergySherlock™ clients are provided the economic impact of several recommendations so that they can make informed decisions and select a course of action they know will work. Even after a solution is implemented, EnergySherlock™ provides post-installation services to make sure your investment achieves the expected financial results.


  • Cyber-Secure Equipment Disposal & Data Destruction: Cyber thieves like to use low tech methods to steal data and information such as going to landfills to pick up discarded office equipment like copiers, fax, IT and telecom that have hard drives that were never removed or data wiped properly.  We keep 100% of the electronic waste we process out of the landfill and have the highest certifications for permanently destroying data and information on any type of equipment.
  • Decommissioning of Facilities: Many companies have a “graveyard” of old equipment and inventory that needs to be removed due to a company move or reconfiguration of operations. Our team will assess the “graveyard” and come up with a game plan to keep it out of landfill (reducing landfill charges) and to maximize any salvage value for our client.
  • Mobile Data & Equipment Shredding: Certain industries are under constant cyber-attacks and security protocols require on-premise, witnessed data and equipment destruction (data centers, government agencies, etc.). Our NAID certification for mobile data destruction enables our team to comply with the most stringent client requirements.  We provide a certificate of destruction, video and asset audit report of all electronic equipment processed before we leave the premise.
  • Thermal Optimization Services: ASHRAE research confirms that 70% of all HVAC systems are operating below their design specifications, and 25% of all money spent on cooling is being wasted (billions of dollars annually). Our world-class Thermal Optimization service is UL Certified to work, provides average HVAC savings of 30% and extends the useful life of the equipment by years.
  • Project Development of Sustainability Plans: “If you work with a manufacturer that sells hammers, everything looks like a nail”.  Our experts take a holistic approach to improve your building performance and they don’t work for any manufacturers so there are no conflicts of interest. We do the economic modeling for every recommendation so that our clients know the financial and environmental impact before making a decision to invest money.
  • Project Management of Sustainability Plans: Without proper oversight and management, even a well-developed project may experience cost overruns and time delays.  Our team has successfully managed all types of technology implementations (big and small) nationwide. Through our network of strategic partners, we are able to scale to address the needs of any project.
  • Energy Audits, LEED Energy Modeling: Securing available incentives, rebates and funding sources like PACE is an essential component of making a project financially viable.  Our energy audit and LEED energy modeling specialists will provide the necessary reports to satisfy financial/utility institution requirements to gain their commitment to support your project.
  • Solar/Wind Distributed Generation: The importance of leveraging renewable energy sources cannot be overstated, but it is not a viable option everywhere.  Our team provides a turnkey solution (from feasibility study to installation) to ensure each distributed generation project is located and designed properly to provide compelling financial returns for the lowest risk possible.
  • Building Performance Monitoring Center:  Buildings owners may struggle to take advantage of “big data” opportunities because they simply do not have the resources (people, time, expertise) to convert performance metrics from energy management/building management systems into actionable intelligence.  Our Performance Monitoring Center (PMC) team is a specialized call center with experts that monitor and analyze “big data” and recommend a course of action.  The PMC will also make programming changes to smart thermostats, analyze HVAC performance to recommend repairs/replacements and provide warranty support.