About us

About Us

EnergySherlockTM, a Virginia LLC, is a technology-forward energy conservation management company that helps customers manage energy as an asset. EnergySherlock’s three-step ‘Detect, Solve, Save’ approach to energy conservation encompasses a comprehensive suite of products and services required to meet the rigorous demands of companies that operate multi-site, multi-state property portfolios. We take a technology neutral approach and offer turnkey solutions to develop and implement cost-effect energy conservation plans that will generate the greatest energy and environmental savings based on each client’s situation.

Our Vision and Our Mission

The EnergySherlock vision is to be the most globally admired energy conservation company that transforms properties into energy positive assets. Our mission is to empower companies with interstate and international locations to manage energy as a strategic asset.

Our Philosophy

EnergySherlock believes that energy conservation is the right thing to do from capitalist and environmental perspectives. Utilizing the limited resources of a company and the environment effectively allows both to be strong and vibrant for all stakeholders for the long-term.

We also believe that nothing is more important than our faith, family and friends. EnergySherlock has committed to providing our professional services at no cost to help community churches implement energy conservation programs.


Tim A.C. Reichert
Chief Executive Officer