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About Us | Tim A.C. Reichert
Chief Executive Officer

Tim Reichert is a respected executive with a distinguished 20+ year career leading business development, sales/marketing, real estate development and technology adoption for corporations serving domestic and global markets. He has multiple and repeated successes initiating and leading sizable, cross-functional teams in the formation and implementation of strategies and tactics to launch leading-edge technology into the marketplace.

Tim currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of EnergySherlock, an engineering firm that specializes in the implementation of energy conservation management programs that enable facilities to dramatically lower energy use and operational costs. His team provides financial options, tax strategies and processes incentives to assist companies with initiating “green projects” with no outlay of capital. His business experience includes leading a $1.5B sales/marketing organization for Pfizer Inc., global sales responsibilities for DeltaGEE, Inc., acquisition, development and sale of several real estate projects, and the founding of Veritax Property Advisors. Mr. Reichert received his MBA from St. Joseph’s University.